Song for Maya



Song for Maya was commissioned by Ramiro Barrera for his daughter — accomplished oboist Maya Barrera. Loosely written in song form, the piece is ultimately intended to be the middle movement of a larger work for oboe and wind band. As a composer I’m often inspired by non-linear melodic lines, and forcing myself to think in this way offers interesting challenges in the composition process: To find lines which are both interesting from a gestural dimension and which I find moving/compelling. Working through this process keeps me honest as a composer, and also ensures that by the end of the piece I will have improved my craft to some degree, and therefore can feel an extra sense of accomplishment. On a personal note, working with both Mr. Barrera and Maya on the piece was one of the most inspiring and moving experiences I’ve ever had musically/artistically. I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to share this time with them.

This recording was taken June 7th, 2012 at the James Logan High School Center for the Performing Arts, and features Maya Barrera and the James Logan HS Wind Symphony, Ramiro Barrera conducting.

Song for Maya can be purchased through World Projects