Press Play

Press Play — for wind band and electronics –was performed on December 21st, 2017 at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic by Clovis North High School, under the direction of David Lesser, and conducted by Ramiro Barrera. 

The piece was originally conceived to be a re-imagining of my piece for string orchestra and electronics, Press. It became clear immediately that a re-image was impossible and uninspiring, so I started with a blank page.

Upon visiting Clovis North HS for the initial rehearsal of the piece, the first question a student asked me was “what’s the piece about?” This was obviously an uncomfortable question for me as my favorite aspect of the piece is its ability to allow things to be left unsaid. The program notes simply state: Dance. Immediately.

Press Play was made possible by a consortium of 15 different wind ensembles throughout the country, organized by Patricia Hurtado.