Of Which Song Shall the Muse Next Sing?



The original title for this piece was as follows:

“The weary transient stood with a forlorn look upon his face and asked the following question: ‘Of Which Song Shall the Muse Next Sing?”.

I thought this title might be perceived as pretentious, so I opted for a truncated version (which, is still perceived as pretentious).

This piece was my first composition adventure in the wind band concert world. It was composed at a very difficult and emotional time in my life and quickly became an outlet — textures I could surround myself with, harmonic and melodic material which I found compelling and which also reflected in some way the sense of vulnerability I was experiencing at that time. I will always remember, as part of the composing process, finishing phrases of music and wiping tears from my eyes because I knew what was on the page was exactly what I was feeling at that time.  At the risk of being discarded as a neo-romantic, this piece represents the beauty that I’d found in life as a 28 year old, despite all its pains.

The piece was premiered at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the summer or 2007. It was a Finalist in the 2nd International Frank Ticheli Composition Contest